The 3 Spirit Guides I work with

The 3 Spirits Guides I work with

and have been with me the longest are a

  • North American chief,

  • a Chinese herbalist,

  • and an African fertility goddess.

My oldest spirit guide is Chief Longneck of the Navajo.


The Navajo is a tribe still living in the Monument Valley Navajo National Park in Arizona, Utah.


He has come to me most of my life. He is a tall, strong man. He always stands straight, with his arm muscles tense and crossed across his naked, muscled torso. He doesn’t feel approachable and doesn’t talk much. I can’t remember him ever smiling. His energy feels familiar to a younger person. He likes action, is very direct and talks in short sentences. His dark long hair is shiny and his eyes are brown. He wears a leather loincloth. His narrowed eyes glare intensely; his feet stand apart in power pose.


I first started feeling him after a strange visit to the Reserve in my 20s. I was with a group of four friends visiting the Navajo Reserve. As we arrived at the gates there was a large group of Navajo waiting. They walked straight up to me and singled me out.


“Chief,” they said. “We have been waiting for you. We welcome you back.”


We all stood bug-eyed. What was going on?  I was a normal girl in shorts and aerobics shoes and they were welcoming me as a ‘chief’.  That freaked me out at the time. They wanted me to go with them but I was too scared to leave my friends and to go with a group of strange men.


“The chief wants to see you,” they insisted. I was equally insistent. I was not going anywhere alone. They got very agitated but eventually accepted and waved us into the park with an angry flick of their hands. But they tried to insist I come with them our entire visit.


A few hours later my eyes were drawn up and I saw him sitting there. Their current chief was sitting on a white horse up on one of the natural sandstone rocks. He was watching me. I turned away, my heart racing.


It was a while later that I started to notice my spirit guide.  Chief Longneck has taught me how to connect with nature. It is also thanks to this guide that I can read nature, the weather, the ocean, the wind and the earth. He is my physically strong, earthly helper. His greatest gift is that I can lovingly heal animals and humans with my hands. He helps me to improve my intuition/instinct.


He is there when I need physical strength: he loves it when I run or ride a horse. Lately he keeps on saying to me: “ Go to the gym!” as he disapproves of my floppy arms. He has been there for me in many events where my life was in danger. Despite my myopic eyesight, I have a guardian who warns me.



My second guide is an old Chinese herbalist.


With a soft gentle smile, wise eyes, bald and a long narrow light grey beard. He showed me his medicinal cabinet once, during a meditation, with heaps of little drawers, filled with dried plants and who knows what: dried toads, rhino horn, and ginger root. I am not sure how long he has been with me but possibly many lifetimes, as I have been a healer for many lifetimes before this.

I have been attracted to Chinese medicine: acupuncture and shiatsu massage and foot reflexology for many decennia.

I actually studied Feng Shui and designed the ideal house around that. I have benefitted many times from moving rooms, bed directions, the position of my desk at work and the chair I choose at the meeting table. The year I was diagnosed with heart disease was a bad year for the mother of the house. The year Mark died was the year the father of the house’s life was in danger. I told Mark this and ordered him a protective amulet that he could attach to his keyring but he refused to carry it with him.


My third spirit guide is an African earth goddess.


She has many fat rolls, laughs out loud and keeps on saying to me that I should have more babies. She helped with the conception of my three healthy children between 35 and 41 years old (despite my husband being diagnosed with very low active sperm count). She was an African medicine woman, naked apart from a grass skirt.


You will learn more about your spirit guides if you attend any of my workshops or through my upcoming online course.  Should you wish to enquire please email me here to put your name down for some exciting bonus offers.


Blessings, Dr. V.  

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