8 Ways to Live your Purpose with Archangel Gabriel

If you are still looking for your True Purpose in Life, ask Archangel Gabriel.


Gabriel’s 8 Superpowers:


  1. Gabriel answers questions about your future and life purpose in visions or while you sleep.
  2. Gabriel helps with conception and ensures an easy delivery
  3. She enhances your intuition and spiritual growth
  4. She assists friends who are about to transition into the afterlife
  5. Career guidance
  6. Purify from negative thoughts and get back on track again
  7. Ask Gabriel to help others
  8. Inspiration


  Dr. V’s Angel Ritual for receiving AA Gabriel’s Visions

Before you go to sleep burn a (white) candle and some incense safely on a non-flammable surface (a porcelain teacup saucer is ok for that purpose) and away from curtains and bed linen etc.


If you are interested in which scents to use for which purpose, I have created a little Angel invoking scents cheat sheet download available soon.  Call upon Gabriel and ask her your question regarding your future or your life purpose. She may answer you by giving you a vision, a knowing or maybe by giving you a message in your head. For those not familiar with communicating directly to the divine like this yet, continue reading.

Spray some lavender essential oil diluted in water through your bedroom. When you are feeling tired or lazy just drop a few drops of pure essential oil onto your personal sleeping haven or even in the back of your neck and on your temples.


Wrists also work well as the blood vessels are close to the surface so they transport the molecules throughout your body easily from there. You can also practise this on long flights. A small bottle of essential oil will get through security in your wee little plastic bag. I have started adding lavender oil to my bedlinen before it goes into the dryer too.


I live in the north of England so I have no option to air dry my linen in the sun like I used to do in Australia anymore, unfortunately! Heavenly sleep awaits you!


It is important to put a notebook and a pen ready next to your bed to jot down any images or messages you will get in your dreams or while still awake. Divine truth presents itself to you for a first brief moment only, before your ego kicks in and tries to convince you that it is not safe to try anything out of the ordinary.


Your ego, just like men, believes in the known and trusted on repeat even if it doesn’t really work for you. Lavender not only calms your nervous system so you receive her guidance better, awake or asleep, it also assists your own psychic powers.


She keeps you informed on your future


Archangel Gabriel is considered to bring joy, love, and happiness to the human race.

2.  Archangel Gabriel is the one to call one for help with conception, adoption, and an easy delivery.


Gabriel carefully selects the souls that are due to be born. She teaches the unborn baby its mission in life. Women who want to conceive can also call upon her.


Gabriel is also present during the birthing process so make good use of that future mothers. She, as an Angel, is eager to help you and your baby to experience a smooth delivery.


Archangel Gabriel can show you visions of the future and assist with people who want to become psychic or want to learn how to use tarot cards.


3.  Gabriel is the Archangel of enhanced Intuition and Spiritual Growth


Rather than putting extra Spiritual development stress on your busy schedule, why not ask AA Gabriel to lift your vibration to that level where you can hear, feel, see, smell, know psychically (learn about the 6 clairs in Dr. V’s Angel School).

Gabriel can simplify the process for you. When you have made contact with her, just let her know your desire for spiritual growth.


She can mentor you as you develop your psychic abilities all through your incarnate life. When you feel blocked, she can give you insight on how that happened and how to fix it.


As an example: someone who has watched horrible scenes in real life or in horror movies or during online gaming, might have a blocked third eye, which you need for clairvoyance.


Other people who have been exposed to abusive language might have blocked ear chakras, unappealing their clairaudience. Gabriel can guide you to unblock those chakras with crystal healing or Reiki. She will continue to support you as you develop your spiritual side.


          We are souls having a physical experience

4.  You may call on AA Gabriel to assist friends who are transitioning to the other side


Azrael is the Archangel responsible for collecting the souls of the death and transporting through to the afterlife. He appears automatically at the time of death.


If you want to invite some more angelic love in the room for your dying friend, you may call on AA Gabriel to be present.


This is also useful after someone has just passed and the soul might be confused and lost. Like the lady, I describe in my book, My Surgeon Talks To Angels. She died unexpectantly in a car accident. Her soul stood there in the night watching the car crash, not understanding what had happened. She had fallen asleep at the wheel.


Gabriel bridges the gap between the material and the spiritual world and will be happy to assist the soul to the afterlife.



5. Ask AA Gabriel for Career Guidance


If you wish, Gabriel will bring messages to you about the ideal career and the Divine Timing to apply for a new job. She will help you to grow the knowledge you need on your career path, as long as you are aligned with your life purpose.


She will bestow the wisdom you need and if you are a good student your psychic abilities will grow exponentially.



6.  Ask AA Gabriel to Purify you from Negative Thoughts


You may prepare a sacred quiet space with candles, innocence and some crystals.


It is important that you are relaxed.


Whether you prefer to do that through deep breathing or meditation. My preferred form of relaxation is a hot bath with Himalayan and/or Epsom salts plus some essential bath oils for good measure.


Be careful not to use pure essential oils for this. They can irritate your skin. I prefer Kneipp bath oils, the give me colour healing as well as scent healing.

Lavender is blue and ideal for a relaxing hot bath.You could make your purification extra potent by gently placing some little-tumbled crystals in your bath. Avoid fragile, porous or sharp crystals.

Inhale the beautiful lavender scent deeply. Close your eyes.

Relax all the muscles in your body, working up from your toes to your crown.

Once you are relaxed, exhale slowly and ask Gabriel to remove all negative thought forms from your body and mind, even from your aura and your house.

(I have described some energy cleansing for the house in my previous blogposts.)

Explaining your needs clearly gives you clarity of mind.

Speak from the heart. Let all your worries pour out.

You will feel Gabriel’s presence.Listen carefully to the advise she gives you.

At the end of your conversation you should know exactly what to do. Promise her you will take the next necessary step soon. Thank her  for her help.

Only when this knowledge is completely integrated in every cell of your body, should you stretch and open your eyes.



7.  Ask Gabriel to help others


I have a bit of a problem with this as we all have free will and I don’t believe we have the right to ask for healing or saving of people who choose to stay in an unhealthy positions sometimes there is co-dependency, past lifetime vows, a chosen life path or karma involved.


Exceptions can be made for children, animals, people who are unconscious. I believe we can call upon AA Gabriel to assist these people who are not in a position to communicate for themselves.


Another variety, I am not completely sure on: is it ok for patients to ask AA Gabriel to bring clarity and insights to their medical doctors or therapists. I think yes. What is your opinion on this?


8.  Ask AA Gabriel for Inspiration

With the start of a new business, the name of your child, the title of your first book, a piece of music or a painting you want to create.


Also what to write on a Valentine’s card or in your CV.


I could make this an endless list but I think you got the idea by now.


While I was writing this I felt AA Gabriel appear with a smile. She is looking over my shoulders as I speak. She loves the inspiration I am giving you all to call upon her more often.

She is a highly specialised Archangels with many strengths.


Thank you, AA Gabriel for helping me finish this blogpost about you. 

Always be Grateful for any Archangel Guidance



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