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My Success

I overcame burn-out and have been able to live the life of my dreams!, managed to balance work, family and health and I traveled the world with my children.

I have distilled the best of the best from the best and poured it into a system – that is guaranteed to work

Success Stories

Nicholas Hassan


I was suffering from stress, anxiety and depression because I was burnt out form excessive work and hours. I am a hydraulics engineer with an MBA. Having a young family and being a part of the management team culminates in many hours of work and little to no time for yourself.

When Dr Veerle Van Tricht interviewed me about the Burn-out I was going through, her questions, warmth and compassion brought me a lot of clarity and healing.

I have experienced the high love vibration Dr V radiates and I have been lucky enough to get hands on healing, when I was feeling very ill in Noumea. I recommend that anyone who is currently slipping in the dark crevice of Burn-out, contacts Dr V straight away before you slide into the darkness of losing your health, job, career, marriage and self-esteem.

Glen Robertson


When I met Dr Veerle Van Tricht, 6 months ago, I knew immediately that she was a gifted person. She is warm and caring and communicates clearly while being sensitive to her client’s preferred coaching style.

Before Dr V started coaching me, I was stuck in a rut for eight years.

I was not fulfilling the career of my dreams, I was living an unhealthy life and was not in a loving relationship.

During my coaching sessions with Dr V, that changed in leaps and bounds. As agreed upon, I got back into a daily exercise routine and started making healthy food choices. I immediately lost weight and felt more confident about myself which will help me in pursuing love as well as in making a positive career change. I am so grateful for the empowerment Dr V has bestowed onto me and I would advise anyone who reads this to do the same

Fiona McDonald Baylis

CF@ Access Consciousness.

Dr Veerle is a true modern medicine woman who I have known for a number of years and always enjoyed her knowledge on so many different alternative therapies as well as classical medicine.

Dr Veerle has had a very colourful life full of so many challenges and she seems to ride the waves with such strength and courage.

She is a refreshing charismatic presence in a world that is asking for more.

I know that whatever Dr Veerle creates will be a success. She has a natural gift of intuitive knowing and uses it with ease. Thank you for being such a ray of light Veerle!

Kaitlin Murphy/ The Nanny J

I have known Veerle since early 2010 and during this time I have personally witnessed her go through some of the hardest times that would have broken the spirit of most people. Veerle’s strength and tenacity has allowed her to navigate through this minefield of adversity and to come out positively on the other side.

Over the past 5 years I have watched her put together this wonderful program to not only help herself get through some of the toughest times including the passing of her beloved husband and returning straight back to full time work to support her children but to also help the lives of many other women that may also be suffering from “burn-out” due to the stresses of everyday living.

Veerle’s warm and engaging personality has also given me clarity allowing me to refocus and stay on task when I have felt completely overwhelmed. If you are feeling overwhelmed and would like to take control of your life again I would definitely recommend Veerle to help guide you back to a balanced life.

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