Heal with Archangel Raphael

8 Ways To Receive Archangel Healing


  1. Visualise Emerald Green Healing Light surrounding the painful/diseased area
  2. Ask Raphael to send healing energy through your hands
  3. Feel Raphael’s presence
  4. See Raphael’s healing green light
  5. Ask AA Michael to cut etheric cords with anything/ anyone who is draining your energy
  6. Imagine a green glass bell jar surrounding you to protect you from the environment
  7. Pray directly to God/ Source/ the Universe: you will be sent the best healing angels including AA Raphael to help you
  8. Contact an Angel circle or prayer circle


Raphael means He Who Heals


Archangel Raphael supports Healing, Medical Practitioners, and Travellers.


It is no wonder Archangel Raphael has been such a constant presence in my life. I didn’t have an easy start in life. My mother was advised to abort me because of the strain the unplanned/ unwanted pregnancy had on her 36 year old body with severe emesis. This means my mother puked so much she was not getting enough nutrition and nor was I.


The only food sustaining her were 4 sour apples,  from our garden, a day. (the start of a slow metabolic rate I was put on a juiced salad only after being born as a large baby)  lung embolisms and all.


My Angels had to talk her out of terminating me and I am grateful for that because I’ve been blessed with an excellent shot at a free and adventurous life.


Then there are the times that little me, saved abandoned animals from the street. I revived a newborn kitten that was not breathing and healed my cat’s leg so that it wouldn’t have to be amputated. Clearly, I had some invisible helper by my side.


Next part of my life, at medical school, Archangel Raphael helped me through the exams and to diagnose patients at the speed of light.



So How Can You Heal With Archangel Raphael?

1. Visualise healing emerald green light surrounding the painful or diseased area.

The power of your imagination is enormous. Archangels are large, more powerful and more specialised than guardian angels. Raphael’s specialty is healing. Visualise yourself, your pet or diseased friend or family member surrounded by an emerald green egg.

Ask your friend directly or via their angels whether they give permission for you to send them healing light. Don’t forget that some people have a secondary gain to remain ill.

They might choose this consciously or unconsciously.  Then there are also the past lives and karmic ties or vows that might have been made, forgotten by the conscious mind but still playing out in the body. These are all examples that could be healed with a Journey (after the book by Brandon Bays). I am a Journey practitioner so contact me if you want to learn more.


2.  Ask Archangel Raphael to send healing energy through your own hands.

Everybody has the potential to heal with their hands. Just allow the green energy to enter your head (like in Reiki) or to enter via your heart chakra. Then see the energy flow through your arms into your hands and continuing into the painful body part whether it is your’s or another.

A Mother’s touch or a kiss to a child’s hurt knees is just an example of AA Raphael’s healing assistance.You will feel the warm glow in your hands and treated body part. I actually healed myself( with the help of other holistic healers) from adrenal fatigue by putting my hands on my kidneys for an hour every day.

You will feel the warm glow in your hands and treated body part. I actually healed myself (with the help of other holistic healers) from adrenal fatigue by putting my hands on my kidneys for an hour every day.


3.  Invoke AA Raphael’s healing presence.

In my Archangel Invocation (available in my shop for download) I invoke 5 Archangels.

 I ask AA Michael to stand by my right hand

 AA Uriel to stand by my left hand

 AA Raphael in front of me,

AA Gabriel behind me  AA Metatron above me.

I have called it Dr. V’s Archangel Pyramid (copyright).

Say out loud or inside your head:” Mighty and powerful AA Raphael, and by me and heal me with your loving and relaxing presence.

4.  Notice AA Raphael’s green sparkles of light.

Traditionally Raphael has been represented with an emerald green cloak. This colour is also associated with the heart chakra.

When Raphael’s healing presence is present those of you who can see energy will see green light sparkles in the corner of your physical eyes or with their third eye (eyes closed). I see blobs of dark green colours swirling in my mind’s eye when Raphael is present.


5.  Ask AA Michael to cut any energy cords that are draining you physically, emotionally or spiritually


I have permission here to bring in the help of the Archangel with a sword, Michael. He works together with Raphael in cases where energy drawing by others is the reason you are feeling depleted or ill.

Did you ever notice that spending time with some people drains you while other people energise you. The same goes for places (like hospitals or old jails: protect yourself with a white egg of light or even better avoid low energy places if you can) versus the higher vibration in places of worship or in nature.

Ask AA Michael to cut all etheric cords with others or places and to heal the ends with loving sparks. I visualise a white rose at the end of the severed cords.

Only this week I did a healing session with a client who had hundreds of cords attached to her from her parents and forefathers. I asked AA Michael to help me cut and pull all those cords from her. The energy was cold, sticky and dark. The temperature in the room dropped. my client could physically feel the energy cords being pulled out of her body

When I checked on her the next day, she informed me that she was feeling so much lighter and her shoulder pain was completely gone.


6.  Imagine a green glass bell jar (with a reflective outer surface)

Another way to reflect negative thoughts that might be coming your way and hurting you energetically which can lead to a weaker immune system which makes you susceptible to infections etc, is to visualise a green glass bell jar covering you.

Add a reflective coat and the sender will get their own thoughts back. I like to add the following phrase when I deflect potential negative thoughts from others, sometimes seen as poison arrows, hooks, implants in the body: “Send this back to where it is coming from with consciousness attached”. This way the original sender can grow spiritually and become aware that entertaining negative thoughts

This way the original sender can grow spiritually and become aware that entertaining negative thoughts is something that needs to be avoided for their own sake, as well as others’ wellbeing and the toeing and froing can stop.



7.  Pray directly to God/ Source/ The Universe/ Grace or whatever you call this that is all.


Most religious books have prayers for you just to read and recite, if that works for you.

I believe we can all have our own Conversation With God and I have been doing exactly that since I read Neil Donald Walsch’s first book many moons ago.

I recommend you give it a try. Use the name that feels the best for you. After all it is hard for us humans to put a name to something that is so immense (we are part of it and it is part of us) that it is hard to put in words.

For people who don’t like the idea of prayer, you can just set an INTENTION instead. You may speak it out loud and then end with the words” So Be It” and Thank you


Watch a funny movie or have a relaxing massage

Archangel Raphael brings a very relaxed atmosphere with him.

Dr Bruce Lipton from Stanford has done amazing research on epigenetics. This the study of how changing the environment of a cell, can turn certain dan codes on or off. This way a potential cancerous change can be deferred. and one of the beneficial changes we can all implement in our environment NOW is to give our body and mind some relaxation.

Have a hot bath, read a book, meditate, do some stretches or yoga…

My favourite is my weekly massage or going for a run on the beach.

Another easy way to assist your body’s natural healing tendency is to have a good belly laugh.

Go out with entertaining friends, watch a comedian or a funny movie at home.

Some miraculous healing have been documented in people who watched comedies several hours a day.


8.  Contact a Prayer or Angel circle


Most communities will have a prayer circle where people come together to pray for each other, their ill family, their country or disaster-stricken areas in the world.

When a group of people gathers, the energy they focus on multiplies.

The result of these circles has been documented by medical institutions.

If you are well enough, I suggest you attend the meetings in person.

It is very healing to be present amongst positive people with high vibrational intentions.

There are also prayer groups that meet online. My friend Ana La Ray, meets up with people all over the world in person or virtually to send healing group energy to places all over our beautiful planet, where healing is needed.



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