How to clear a room from Negative Energy

How to clear a room from negative energy


You can clear or change a scary environment if you walk into a room or space that has bad energy.

I just surround myself with Angels.

If there are bad-tempered people I also call on them to fill the room. What happens is the low vibration people leave and those left are the people who can change and adjust.


If you can feel the bad vibes, the other option is for you to leave the room.


If I walk into a shop where there is bad energy I turn and leave. I don’t bother to call on the angels. I had to learn to do that. Originally I was attracted to ALL ENERGY I couldn’t feel the difference between light and dark. It took me a long time to learn. Now I feel it straight away. I can feel it in people or things. I try to steer clear of all negativity in my life. Seek out what feels light and loving – that’s where you go.



Techniques to Clear a New Space


When moving into a new space, house, office or even a hotel room, you can clear the energy left behind using a number of techniques. I use these often after a surgery, but have to be careful to choose one that is compliant with health regulations!



The most common way to clear a space is to use white sage.  Dry out a bunch of sage or buy it dried. Then light the sage on a plate so it smolders. Then walk through your space and let the smoke fill all the corners. Use your hand to move it into all the spaces. Open the windows so the smoke can leave with the unwanted spirits or imprints.


You can also clear a space using incense. I carry this in my bag and always use some in hotel rooms. Hold the highest intention while you hold the smoking stick in your hand that all energies left behind get cleared out and replaced with love, peace, harmony, and health.



As a protection, you can also place rose quartz crystals all over your space. I use these regularly and often clear a surgery using these. All the beds in my house have a large rose quartz underneath so only love can enter. It helps to keep worries and nightmares away.



Put on some music that has a higher vibration. Find some meditation music or chants. Any clear, natural sound works wonders.  I love the sound of waterfalls, the rain, and the beach. Wind chimes also chase away evil spirits as do the chiming of metal bells and singing bowls. You may want to combine the burning of sage with a bell that you ring at the same time, or even a song you sing with joy and love.


Look after yourselves this time of year around many negative people and places.

I wish you all the best for the 2018 year ahead!


Many Blessings, Veerle

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