Meeting your Soulmate

I met my soulmate on the way to the yearly vitreoretinal conference in Knysna, South Africa. Serendipity worked overtime for this encounter to happen. Firstly we booked a single ticket on the same day and time from Johannesburg airport to Knysna, a small seaside holiday destination on the south coast.


Secondly: I was supposed to travel together with a colleague from Pretoria. A last minute emergency came up which made my travel partner cancel last minute. I only just caught the flight after a stressful taxi ride and sprint through the airport’s long corridors. I was the last passenger to board.


The plane was completely full and Mark sat in the very last window seat.


I collapsed out of breath in the only empty seat: the chair of destiny!


And so the story of our family( we made three beautiful children together and lived on 3 continents) began.


A lot of puzzle pieces fell into place that day. The universe clearly supported our meeting that we probably had rehearsed before reincarnating in this lifetime.



So how do I manifest My soulmate? , you might wonder.

Here is the 3 step blueprint I used to find my lover, friend, soulmate:


Step number1. Looking through the menu and putting in a delicious order

What does the other person wear? Where do they hang out? What activities do they enjoy? Who are they friends with? Your higher consciousness has all the answers so sit down for some quiet dreaming. Ask your soul, your angels, higher consciousness, source( whatever name resonates with you) to give you an answer through visions, sounds, knowing etc. You can use Angel tarot cards if you have those too.


Relax into this dream state. Take your time to really explore this dream, see the details…


NOW that you know who they are: start looking like their ideal mate; dress like them, hang out where they hang out and I assume you will have some interests in common with your soulmate. So start a painting class, learn to play golf, travel alone to your dream destination…whatever the two of you will enjoy doing together in the future.


Step number 2: The List

From John Gray’s book How To Get What You Want And Want What You Have:


Make an extensive list of the features, personality traits, interests, history, habits etc you your ideal mate will have. Write it down on paper. This sends a clear message to the universe that you are serious about it.


As I am very visual, I made a drawing of myself receiving a bunch of my favourite flowers, tulips, from my soulmate.


I visualised our meeting happening and went through all the emotions of joy, happiness, fun, excitement, love and peace to add power to the manifestation.


After praying over the wish list or setting a positive intention, you could either keep it in a pretty place( don’t share it with others) or you could burn it and release the energy of your wish into the heavens..


Now that you have put in your order with the universal dating agency, it is important to Trust that the chosen one is on the way to you.



Step number 3: Have an honest look at yourself and scrub up.

Are you still hung up over a divorce or not even officially signed off I see a lot of man hanging on to an unresolved marriage until they can hand their washing to the next mother replacement.


Not fair, gentlemen, this is a beautiful opportunity to grow up and to become an expert at ironing your own shirts. Similar dependency patters exist with women of course. My advise here is: learn to be happy with your own company first. Love thyself first! This way you won’t put pressure on the other party to make you feel whole.


You need to arrive into this relationship as a happy, loving, complete soul in a human body for it to have the best chance of a happy ending.


Imagining bumping into the person of your dreams right now.

Would they recognise you in your unflattering jogging pants and old trainers?

If you are looking for another fanatic runner, maybe so, but for most: not so.


You dreamt up your gorgeous ideal mate and all you have to do now is become the partner of their dreams and trust that when you are ready, you will bump into each other and fireworks will ignite!


Above all have fun! Where there is laughter, there is God!

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