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Dr V’s Archangel Pyramid

How To Work With Archangels Now!


Introduction to Archangel Michael

Last week I was giving a presentation at the Mind- Body- Spirit Festival in Carlisle, Cumbria where I live, with the title:


How You Can Make everyday Easy and Joy-Full Of Angels.


( You can request the recorded event, MP4 via a message on my website if you are interested in experiencing the whole thing)

After introducing myself as The Surgeon Who Talks To Angels”


 I invoked my favourite 5 Archangels:


Starting with the powerful and almighty AA (Archangel) Michael to our right, AA Uriel to our left, AA Raphael in front, AA Gabriel behind and my current favourite AA Metatron above.

The audience got imbued by powerful Archangel energy. I hereby trademark the Archangel Pyramid that cocooned all of us present in the room.

A professional recording of this AA Pyramid Invocation will go for sale on iTunes from 16 October 2017( new moon) onwards.

In an interactive way, I started explaining some characteristics typical to each Archangel who was present in the room.


AA Michael is the very powerful warrior and protector angel who carries a flaming sword.

Michael means: He who is like God.

His power is awesome. He can literally dematerialise and dematerialise people and objects.


I am convinced that it was AA Michael who carried me through the sky when I flew off a motorbike. Time slowed down, I observed the scene while feeling safe, held and curious. I saw the others in the scene fracture their bones while I just thought; ” I wonder what will happen to my helmet when I hit the ground?”.


A few centimetres above the concrete I was released back into standard time and space and my head and helmet bounced up and down a few times before my body in motion came to a standstill.

I have called on AA Michael many times to protect me against a violent attack or other danger (like being car chased by a van full of  strangers on a moonless abandoned road in South Africa at 180km per hour)


when hunted through the night alone in Antwerp’s old harbour district


when running as fast as I could to get away from an unknown male that had been following me for 30 minutes through the city for unknown reasons from my car on the dark parking lot to the door of the gym.


When my 11-year-old firstborn son got hexed by a Sangoma (this is an African Medicine man) who wanted to harvest his organs to cure aids and other deadly diseases  in the people who would pay to eat a toddler’s healthy organs on demand


when Matthew almost drowned in a freak wave on the same day.


Those who are thirsty for more Angel stories can read more about the other Archangels and my proliferative Angel adventures in my memoir:

” My Surgeon Talks To Angels”, available on Amazon or directly from me( with a personalised angel message).


Archangel Michael is the Angel that most often shows up in healing sessions when my clients need energy cords cut. These cords are energetic ties where others might knowingly or unknowingly be draining energy from you.


These individuals which may be your family, coworkers or friends leave you feeling drained and exhausted whenever they spend time with you. Some individuals do that constantly. They live off others’ energy instead of getting their own free supply from Earth or Source/ The Divine/The Universe/ God/ Whatever name you choose to give this beautiful source of life force.


These energy draining individuals are classified as Energy Vampires and you are best to eliminate them from your life fast unless you want to be sucked dry (meaning energetically drained).

When walking into a space that carries negative imprints from fear and pain etc, I invoke AA Michael with his army of Angels to surround me as I walk through that space.


This way the dark energy doesn’t stick on me and I can stay aligned with my choices higher vibration of love and gratitude or any other channel I have selected to Be on that day.

Give it a try, you will notice the difference straight away and you will feel less drained at the end of your day.


I am starting an Angel School. The first course is starting on 14 October 2017. If you would like to join in person or online, let me know.


Next week’s Angel Blogpost I will teach you how to work with AA Raphael to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual health of yourself and others.


Tons of Angel Blessings from Dr V

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