Hi, this is Dr. Veerle Van Tricht, The Burnout eExpert. I’ve worked for 20 years, over three continents, in many hospitals where I noticed doctors and nurses and other professionals with burnout. I’ve also noticed that they were not recognised by their doctors, as wasn’t I. When I was at the heart of my medical career, and some things happened in my life, and I lost the balance in my life, and I started spiralling down in burnout with exhaustion and bad emotional state, it threatened my job so much, I became so unproductive that I had to quit a very profitable career.

This might happen to you too, and worse things could happen, unless you recognise burnout and know there is a solution. Your doctors might not recognise it, but I’ve been through it, I know what it feels like. And not only have I had it twice, I’ve also came out of burnout twice. And through all my search, my medical career as well as other trainings, as a holistic healer, and as a life coach, and many, many other trainings that I’ve done, I’ve come to collect the best of the best of all the treatments that you need, because burnout is a complex problem, and it needs a very comprehensive solution.

The combination of my skills is hard to find. I’ve trained as a medical doctor. I have a lot of experience with burnout, I experienced it myself, and I have treated many patients, clients for it. That’s why I have developed the burnout solution. It’s very important for me that other hard-working professionals don’t make the same mistakes as me. Therefore, I’m gifting you a cheat sheet with 21 steps to avoid burnout. You can click the link to download it here