My Surgeon Talks to Angels: A Journey from Science to Faith eBook

Are you sick of being exhausted, and not having enough hours in the day? I’m going to teach you how you can have an abundance of energy, and plenty of me time. You will get enough me time to de­stress, and charge your energy levels. You will have quality time with your loved ones. If you follow my program now, you will have made a life altering choice to invest in the life that you truly desire and deserve. If you don’t get out of this negative spiral of exhaustion and low mood, your relationships will suffer, you may lose your job, your income, your health. Studies even show that burnout can lead to suicide.

My name is Doctor Veerle Van Tricht. I’m a holistic medical mentor, and creator of The Burnout Resuscitation Program. I work with professionals who are overwhelmed with the conflicting responsibility created by having a successful career and a family. 11 years ago I was at the height of my career as a vitreo­retinal eye surgeon. I was making more money than I had time to spend. I had tons of grateful patients, and I was blessed with the birth of my first child at the age of 35. Not knowing how to balance these new demands on my time and energy, I became physically run down and highly stressed. Misunderstood by my medical colleagues, I spiralled into burnout. As I wasn’t coping with being the super mom, the super wife, and super surgeon I wanted to be, my life fell apart. I gave up my job, my home, my country, and started a long journey of discovery of alternative ways to get myself from burnout to excited with life again.

It took me 10 years of study to put this resuscitation program together. Is there no time left for you? Do you feel guilty because you don’t have quality time with your loved ones? I have developed a program based on my knowledge of traditional medicine, and many forms of holistic healing. It solves the problem you have with lack of time for your loved ones, exhaustion, dark mood, relationship issues. And it is called The Burnout Resuscitation Program. I used these techniques to drag myself out of burnout. In 2004 I was so exhausted, I chose to give up a very successful private ophthalmology practice in Europe. I have helped other professionals to overcome low mood, anxiety and indecisiveness, leading to relationship and health issues. They allowed me to coach them, they have turned their unhappy life into one of purpose and joy. They feel like they have a new lease on life, they feel empowered into making the career decisions that are right for them. They managed to heal their relationships, and increased their energy levels.

The steps of my program include, step one, The Time Creator. I will teach you a grid, that leads to stress free productivity, and I’ll add in some quantum jumping strategies, so you can stay alive to take care of your loved ones. Step two is called The Energy Booster. This is a powerful combination of time proven techniques mixed into an energy boosting smoothie. It includes the daily gratitude ritual, a power walk, tipping cloud manifestation, and protective shielding. Step three is finding your life purpose. By discovering your hidden talents and your purpose, “Why you are alive on this planet right now?” you will find your life purpose, and will get you on track. Step four is called the Love Shack. Find your love language, and keep your relationship in the high love vibration, otherwise your exhaustion might chase your support system away. Step five is called The Wheel of Life. You will learn the most effective techniques to balance your life. Step six is called

Universal Download, where you connect with your higher consciousness, for unlimited possibilities for growth. If we don’t listen to our higher intelligence, we’ll make the wrong choices, and that is how we became burnt out in the first place. Through communication with your higher consciousness, you will never make that mistake again.

As you have watched this video ’til the end, I know that we are a good match, and I know I can help you. Fill in your email address at the bottom of this page to book a pre­qualifying 10 minute call. I’m looking forward to assisting you on your journey. Love and light.

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