Hi this is Dr. Veerle Van Tricht, The Burnout Expert and Isabella is my cute daughter on the photo.


In this blog I want to give you an introduction to the five steps of my burnout resuscitation program. An ideal life is balanced, like a circle, there’s equal energy coming in and going out. Equal amounts of time should be spent at work as for your self care, me-time, hobbies and family time, making money. This are all aspects of a balanced life. An ideal balanced life can move smoothly, it goes easily through life, and it’s like an easy journey. If your life becomes unbalanced, and that’s what happens in burnout, you might be spending most of your time at work, making an okay amount of money. But you feel bad because you are so exhausted. You don’t have any time for yourself, you don’t have times for hobbies or friends. You don’t have enough time for your family and your partner, so they’re probably complaining that you’re never around and that you don’t spend enough time at home.
So this is what an unbalanced life looks like. As you can imagine, this is not gonna go anywhere. This is just falling down, still, not moving, not a happy place to be. So part of my solution that I will explain just now, is moving your into a balanced life. That’s why there so many steps in my program. Because this is a holistic approach. Burnout is a very complex problem . And we need to look at all the aspects.

Is this what you are experiencing: like you have no more energy to keep on going with your life?

I feel for you, and I want to help you because I’ve been there and it took me a long time of searching to find all these solutions. But I found these five important steps. In the six week coaching program, I go through each step one by one. Every week we address one main problem that people have when they have burnout. So what I teach in my burnout program is I give you a lot of advice on healthy lifestyle because one of the main problems is not enough sleep, good quality sleep, and I immediately, I gave you a lot of information on how you can boost your energy. Not only on the physical level, also on the emotional level, mindset, we look at that, and also on the spiritual level.

So as part of my program there will be a mindset change. You need to be willing to change, otherwise I can’t help you. But I’m really good at getting what I want, so I’ll make sure you get the best possible result. A second aspect of the burnout resuscitation program is that I will teach you very cools tools you can use in all aspects of your life for time management. So that you are a lot less stressed, and so. That you can cope with all the things you want to do in your day. So the third thing I will teach you, and that’s priority, is to how to create recharging me time for you. So try to go from no time to me time. Because you’ve forgotten to take care of yourself most likely because you’re always taking care of other people. And I will make sure you realise you have to put yourself first.

As I said before, if you’re not there, getting out of bed then who’s gonna take care of your family, and of your client, and of your patients? So you are number one. So we will make sure that happens, and that you implement in your day times for yourself, where you can recharge your energy. Fourth thing we will look at, is how to reconnect your relationship with your partner. There’s several techniques that I’ve learned over the years that can make sure that you find the love again. This way your partner remains a  supporting partner. And this will become a very very nice aspect of your life which will balance out the time you spend at work. Indeed, a very important aspect of my burnout solution is looking into your relationships.

Because a lot of people think they don’t like their job anymore, a fifth part of my program is looking into your life purpose. Sometimes you might feel so down that you think you don’t like your job anymore. But as you will get more energy due to my program, you will see that you are in the right job, and that you are fulfilling your life purpose. You just forgot to take care of yourself. So we can fix that part. I have found some clients that were not in the right job. They may be just in that job because that’s what their parents expected them to do, or what was popular in their society. Obviously that will make anybody very unmotivated, and unhappy, and it can also lead to burnout. So when we look into that, I have techniques to find out what your life purpose is in this time in your life, and then you might have to shift to another career, okay? But not everybody has to shift to another career, don’t worry about it yet. So these are just five steps, there’s a lot more to my program. This was just a little introduction. For now I sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart that I’ve convinced you that you will be better off accepting my help. Tons of Blessings, Dr V


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