The Power of Intuition

Learn How to Trust and Act upon your Intuition.

It was the last day of our safari in South Africa.

My husband Mark, a native, and I were the only guests in the gorgeous Sabi Sabi private game reserve. Our room was in a thatched rondavel( a typical round dwelling) that was beautifully decorated with African flair, in earth colours.


We had been very lucky to have seen four of the five Big Five animals the previous days. Elephant, lion, leopard, rhinoceros and buffalo have been infamously teamed up as the Big Five because they were the animals that were most dangerous to the hunters whom were trying to kill them. Men in khakis and white linen shirts would proudly pose for a photo, one boot on the victim, when they had slaughtered one of these beautiful wild creatures. I guess that is similar to men posing with the biggest fish they have caught.


As our game rancher drove us further into the wilderness, he asked:” What would you like me to find for you today?”

“Buffalo”, I answered immediately. “We have seen the other famous four but not any buffaloes.”

“Alright”, he answered and he got on his walkie talkie asking his fellow Rangers whether they knew where the buffaloes were hanging out.


He drove us to the edge of a dry river bed. from the open jeep, we could spot glimpses of a few beasts. the scrub was green and lush and obstructed our vision.” I can’t see much”, I uttered.


“Lets get out and walk a bit closer”, the ranger suggested, leaping out of the driver’s seat, right hand on this rifle.


Mark and I looked at each other surprised as it is against the safety rules of any game reserve to leave your vehicle. The South African newspapers are full of tourists being mauled by the lions in their selfies.


“ Do you think that is wise?”, I asked the ranger? Yesterday we saw those inquisitive lionesses that are renowned hunters. One of the largest cats had been staring straight at me for at least 10 minutes from just outside the open vehicle.


No door nor window between me and immediate death. That was the moment I first experienced existential fear. I felt so small and insignificant in comparison to this powerful feline. Frozen with fear, I had prayed” Please God, don’t let this be my last day. I still have lots of things to do.”

“Don’t move!”, the ranger had whispered from between his tight lips. His hand was on his rifle but I don’t think he would have been faster than the cat.


Luckily the lionesses were not hungry enough to eat me that day. Maybe they didn’t like my perfume or maybe my guardian angel convinced the lioness that it was not yet my time to go?


Let’s go back to the last day in this private game reserve where the game ranger told us to get out of the protection of our jeep to walk closer to the herd of twenty-something buffaloes under the cover of green foliage. He wanted to give us a good time (and to earn a big tip).

Not wanting to be the scaredy cat, I pushed away a strong instinct saying:” This is not safe, not now!”.

Mark and I reluctantly followed the ranger on a narrow path from the jeep towards the drinking herd. As we walked closer and closer, I was getting more uncomfortable. Inside my belly, there was a huge protest yelling:” No, no, this is too dangerous! Go back to the car!”


It was overwhelming and powerful. I had to speak up. After all, my whole life I have felt a strong responsibility to save others’ lives.


“ I don’t feel safe”, I whispered to Mark.”Me neither”, he answered with a tense white face,”This is crazy!”


“ Are those lion footprints?”, I freaked out inside but retained myself on the outside.The ranger turned around and replied” No, that is a baboon print”.


Mark and I were not convinced.

“ I have learned to trust Veerle’s instincts”, Mark uttered in my defence.” Let’s get back to the jeep”.

We pivoted and returned through the bush towards the open vehicle. I was the first one to leave the protection of the bush . As I stepped into the clearing I saw one lioness sitting behind the jeep and one was lying like a relaxed cat in front of the jeep.

I froze for a moment. The ranger caught up with us. As he saw our predicament, he pushed out a smothered command:”Get into the car NOW! FAST!

Mark and jumped into our seats at superhuman speed while the ranger armed his rifle.


At that stage the third lioness had started chasing the buffalo herd towards us. These wild cats are clever group hunters: they use obstacles like walls, fences, and vehicles to lock in on their prey.


The heavy beasts came running towards us at the speed and impact of a high-speed train. The buffalo spread out around our jeep like Moses split the Red Sea. Number one and two of the lionesses had been distracted by our human presence and missed the well planned opportunity to catch a juicy young buffalo for dinner that day.


And our lives had been saved by trusting my intuition, that feeling in your belly that is stronger than the monkey mind.


Intuition In Seven Short Steps:

  1. We can all do it.
  2. Just quieten your mind( like during meditation or mindfulness)
  3. Listen to the voice of your body which expresses itself through emotions
  4. Trust that you have all the wisdom inside of you
  5. Pay attention to the first thought that pops up.This is a message from your higher consciousness
  6. Act upon your intuition, as soon as you can. Time is often of the essence
  7. Practise Practise Practise



The more you listen and act upon your intuition, the easier your life will become. No more fretting over which job offer to accept. Choose the one that gives you butterflies in your stomach rather than the one that makes you feel heavy and tense.

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