Rebirthing – Versus death by repressed emotions

My Journey Process


Since I first heard about the rebirthing process,  20 years ago or so, I have always been fascinated by this breathing technique that was devised by Leonard Orr, after he experienced his own birth while in his bath tub.

Orr proposed that correct breathing techniques can cure disease and relieve pain by purging traumatic childhood memories that had been repressed ( since 2006 the technique has been disapproved by the council of conventional therapists).


Time jump to today.

Together with a 100 other brave souls I survived a week of emotional trauma release using The Journey’s Freedom From The Ego process, with Brandon Boys and her husband Kevin Billiet in Elspeet, The Netherlands. It was painful and devastating, and ultimately led to Freedom. It was so worth it!


After a quick intention/ prayer to be free from the fear of terror stored in my body, my partner brought me in a hypnotic state where I was guided to feel all the emotions that presented themselves. It was very hard for me( a mind ego type) to access these demons. My body started to bent over in extreme physical pain in my middle back and my abdomen became so swollen I had to undo the buttons of my jeans.


It felt like I was going into labour with excruciating abdominal contractions and associated puffing. Still I couldn’t connect to the emotions. As I asked Archangel Raphael for help, I was shown, in my mind’s eye: a very narrow dark tunnel, a rabbit hole with a light at the end of the tunnel. “Go into the tunnel”, my patient partner advised. As I squeezed my body into the very narrow dark space, I started aiming for the light and BOOM: I was a foetus in my mother’s uterus.


I relived the time in my mother’s womb where I felt her pain and nausea. I started retching. I felt her rage and hate towards me, the unwanted child, the cause of her discomfort, the reason she was confined to bedrest which would lead to a life threatening pulmonary( lung) embolism.


Next I overheard the conversation where the doctor advised my mother to abort me. She was 36 years old which was considered too old to have a baby those days.


I panicked in extreme terror. I tried to escape but realised that I was stuck in the uterus . There was no way out, I was going to be murdered by my own mother!


I felt the fear of pain, my mother experienced during the delivery. She was trying to keep me in, it was a complicated labour because my shoulder was stuck.


The pain became so excruciating that my worried partner called in the help of a Journey Practitioner. As this beautiful woman placed her hands on my back, she whispered in my ear:” Ask your Angels for help” and suddenly the pain was gone. We were surrounded by Angels and I experienced a smooth Birth.


The process continues through the layers of deeper emotions until you rest in Source where you can only experience Peace, Love and Light. I went deeper and felt One with the Universe, I was Bliss!


Universal wisdom that spoke to me about these emotions.


After that a camp fire of forgiveness takes place. Previously it had been difficult to wholeheartedly forgive my mother for causing so much fear in my life.


Because I had experienced the traumatic events from her perspective Forgiveness came easy this time, from a place of understanding, empathy and compassion.


The journey process works with Grace( God, Source, Universal Wisdom, Unconditional Love, the Divine, whatever you name that creative power that makes our hair grow).


It is, for so far as I know, the most comprehensive divinely inspired emotional release process.

For those who are curious to learn more or want to experience a Journey Process for themselves, feel free to contact me via my website.


May the Source be with you!


Look out for next week’s blog where I shall teach you How ToConnect With Source. Love, Dr V


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