Discovering I am a Medical Intuitive

I was in my element working in emergency and diagnostics.

But my diagnosis came from a different place to other doctors. I knew what was wrong with the patient. I knew it without medical records or tests. It was as if I just immediately would know or see what was wrong.

Often the professors would test us during rounds. They would present us with a case and not allow us to see the diagnosis.

There was one child the professor presented to us during a teaching round that stumped everyone. He had a limp and was seven years old. His mother left him at the hospital and never came back. He could hardly walk and he was getting progressively more immobile. The professor made us all look at him as he stumbled through the room.

“What do you think is wrong with him? What is your diagnosis?”

Everyone said their piece giving reasons.

I disagreed.

“He is not paralysed. This is not a physical thing. This is emotional. He can’t walk because he has emotional issues.”

The professor smiled.

He knew this all along. They knew that the child did not want to be in that family. They suspected there was abuse and the small child had created a psychosomatic paralysis to get out of his house.

Of course I was a trained doctor and I had the medical information all in my head. But these answers came to me in a different way. They came as direct messages. I first noticed this in our practical exams. We were given patients and had to make laser-fast diagnoses. I always got them right but I confused my examiners. Unlike the other doctors who went through thorough exams, tests and analyses – I just got the answer with seemingly little evidence. I was told that I had the answer right but they didn’t know how I got there. The truth was that I just knew! I heard or knew what was wrong. I am a medical intuitive.

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