Conversations with Veronique

Angel cards and visiting a spiritual church in Pretoria.

My conversations with Veronique 2015:

Dear Veronique, thank you for your answer.

Gerlind took me to a spiritual church. They have a meeting every Sunday evening. It was reasonably interesting with prose and song. A medium past on messages from deceased loved ones, two sentences per person. That was just enough to confuse most people, lol.


I didn’t want to be read by this man so I crossed my legs and arms.



I am glad that Gerlind and you are doing such beautiful Angel meditations together. Send her my best wishes and loving Angel rays from Belgium (it is winterly cold here again) for her beautiful work.


Afterwards, we went for a drink and I had a warm conversation with someone who does Angel meditations. I also met a stewardess who flies to Australia regularly.


A third woman studies EEG (electro-encephalograms) and other bio feedback during forms of alternative healing. The neurologists have noticed that the brainwaves of ADHD ( attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) normalise during Healing Hands and Reiki.


However the change was not sustained after the therapy was stopped.


This technician registered explosions of brainwaves on EEGs of patients who were contacting their Higher Self or Angels. She asked whether she could study my EEG while I am operating with the help of my Angels and Spirit Guides. Interesting, don’t you agree?


Dear Veerle,

it is no surprise that a positive healing effect was measurable only for a short while after the treatment. The clients I have treated with similar conditions needed regular  Reiki sessions for two years before they became functionally normal.


Hi Veronique,

I was told last week that my previous job had been taken by other doctors so there is no post for me in Pretoria anymore. That felt like a door slammed close straight in my face. This happened just after I prayed to God to show me the right path for me. That message was received loud and clear!


Mark wants me to take an expensive attorney to sue the those who abused my career in Belgium. In my opinion it would be a waste of my energy to break open the door to a path, I don’t want to walk. I received this information by doing a reading with your Angel cards. I regret they are not available for sale anymore. They mean a lot to me.


Sweet Veerle,

you can keep my Angel cards and the book. It is a gift from me to you.

Thank you so much , Veronique!

Mark had a dream that stuff streamed out of an opening in the back of his neck.  He has an appointment tomorrow to see the psychologist. She is a wise woman. I feel strong enough to make a decision for myself now. You are the only one who still has an influence on my decisions and this should also lessen.

The psychologist made me do that test today like you see in some movies, where they show you prints of ink blotches and you tell them what you see.

She discussed one of the cards already. It showed that I have wings . She said that I had to make sure that I am flying away for a good reason and not to get away from Mark.

I’ll keep you posted about the developments. I am leaving to check out a job offer in Hobart, Tasmania, tomorrow. Love and Sunshine to you, Veerle


Hey, Veerle.

I am studying some recent studies on the use of MSM for severe attacks of rheumatism.

In the magazine  Orthofyta there is a substantial article on the use of soy against the spread of breast cancer cells. An in vitro study showed that soy isoflavonoides slow down tumour growth and cancer cell proliferation.


Furthermore evidence has shown that multiple antibiotic courses multiplies the risk on developing breast cancer by two. This is because the immune system gets damaged when the natural intestinal flora gets destroyed.


I thought you should know, Veerle, as your mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001. How is your mum, by the way?


To Veronique:

” My mother is doing well. She had excellent surgery and radiation therapy. She is getting skinnier as she takes the diabetes diet very serious. Good on her!


To Veerle:

I also found an exceptional product that combines Samento with Noni. This works for malaria, Lyme disease( which can be found in more than 90% of patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). It indirectly kills cancer cells, it is a potent immune booster.

It can replace anti-inflammatories for arthritis and is also helpful to conquer the flu and ordinary colds. Research on this is fantastic.

It works through activation of macrophages, natural killer cells and T-cells.


I want to inform you on the experiment that demonstrates the power of your thoughts.

I started with two bowls filled with cooked rice. The first bowl got a sticker saying” I love you, I thank you”.

The second container has a sticker saying” I hate you” this ones content is already completely rotten. The first loved container rice is looking good. I use this to show my students why it is so important to choose positive thoughts, words and emotions.


To Veronique:

I love that, Veronique. What an awesome result!


To Veerle:

” Before you fly to Tasmania, Veerle, I see in your Blueprint that something beautiful awaits you in Australia. It just requires perfect timing.


What a powerful conversation and what awaited in Australia was truly beautiful.

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