A Conscious Approach to Love Relationships

Men are from Mars and Women Are from Venus: Based on a talk by John Gray in Ibiza, May 2017.

Recently I spent a week in Ibiza, at A-Fest, learning about relationships and love by day, partying with my awesome tribe of 400 entrepreneurs and healers from 42 countries, at night.

We gather two times a year in amazingly beautiful destinations to connect, to learn and to grow as innovative humans living awesome lives.

The first day I was seated at the back of the room when John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, sat down next to me. He would turn out to be one of the most entertaining and controversial speakers of the week.


The main take away message from his talk was: how to make sure your guy has high testosterone( this makes him happy), by putting him on a pedestal aka complimenting him on all his worldly achievements. This will make him confident, virile and ready to protect you.


Women’s labile oestrogen levels are aligned with the moon’s cycle. John explained to the men in the audience that they should learn to move with our craziness: have sex in the middle of our cycle when high oestrogen levels make us feel relaxed, loving and nurturing. Orgasm releases oxytocin in women which makes them feel the love and it creates a sense of bonding.


Men were advised to be a kind listener in the pre menstruational period when some ladies get a bit cranky and unreasonable. Don’t get into a fight with her, just take it on and keep repeating: “ What else?”


John said, until she has emptied her box of grievances.


She will be so grateful that you are a man that stands by her through the good times and the bad. Some professionally successful women produce quite a lot of testosterone which makes it difficult for them to relax into a longterm nurturing relationship. Partite jobs combined with housekeeping chores would bring back the submissive woman in you, John advised.


No wonder there were a lot of protesting young females in the audience. I found this hormonal approach to love relationships interesting from a scientific view point. I agree however with the furious successful career ladies, including doctors like myself, that the traditional gender roles are outdated.


In our current society where both men and women embrace the fact that their soul is both male and female, a more fluid approach to our roles in love relationships should be applied. After all, we all grow and evolve throughout our lives. During the baby years some men might choose to become a houseman( like my husband did) while building up their freedom business from home. Their partner may choose to pursue a career that pays the bills…


Excited by the serendipity, I showed John page 111( Angel number for new beginnings) in my recently published memoir: My SurgeonTalks To Angels. It is a chapter on how I manifested my own soulmate who would become my husband and the father of our three children, following the instructions John Gray penned down in one of his other bestselling books: How To Get What You Want and Want What You Get.

John checked whether the spelling of his name and book title were correct, nodded and gave me a hug.


In next week’s blog post I want to share with you, step by step, how I attracted my perfect lover, friend, partner and soulmate.

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