The Archangel Guide to the Animal World

Learn to connect with the animals in your life.

Warning: this is real Woowoo stuff!


Spiritual expert Diana Cooper was one of five Angel experts speaking at this year’s Angel Summit that took place in London, this weekend. She is an amazing bestselling author of umpteen books, never disappoints. Last year Diana opened up a whole new universe when she started teaching us how to work with unicorns and fire dragons ( our ordinary third dimensional human eyes can’t usually see these seventh dimensional mystical creatures).


On the weekend Diana Cooper scintillated her audience of mainly 40-something women (sorry guys, you were a minority) with coloured hair from pink, over the rainbow to blue with her discovery of a New Archangel named Fhelyai.


The beautiful sunshine yellow celestial being, Fhelyai, is in overall charge of the animal kingdom. Story goes that this new AA( Arch Angel) has recently arrived from another universe as our human collective frequency has finally been raised high enough to receive his/her assistance.


I personally believe that Angels don’t really have a gender. They are pure loving energy but can present themselves to us in human form ( like when I was saved from drowning by Michael as described in my book My Surgeon Talks To Angels).


Your Angels’ message to you is Always Positive. When your inner voice becomes Negative : be extremely wary as this is not your Angels speaking. On the contrary: a message causing fear or separateness from others or self criticism most likely comes from your ego instead. Ask you guardian angel to help you become free from your ego as I have learned to do as a Journey Practitioner.


With or without wings, our Angels take on any shape that works for us so we can receive their message.


The newly arrived Archangel of the animal kingdom’s mission is twofold: help animals with their soul missions( eating them causes negative karma for us, according to Diana) and help us humans communicate better with the animals in our life.


Whenever an animal shows up in your environment it carries a divine message for you. Here are a few insightful examples that will help you to understand the animals in your life better:


  • Any white animals , like my white retriever Jamie, on the photo, are of such a high frequency that they are ready to move up a step on the stairs of reincarnation. No wonder I call my Jamie, my loving Unicorn…


  • Next, any black and white animals, like panda bears, border collies as well as our own Himalayan cat, Sophia, carry a message that we should create more balance in our life. They touch our heart and connects us to Mary and the cosmic heart. Their message to us is:” Be comfortable with your own company. Stay balanced and don’t go to extremes.”


  • My personal favourite : Cats. They come from the plane of wisdom. They see and know everything. They watch over our home and our planet. When they are snoozing, the are on a spiritual mission. Their message to us is: Learn from us and rest more.

  • Birds are on earth only to teach us. They sing their message to us.


Diana did a guided meditation with us where we connected with the fifth-dimensional of an eagle. This was a very powerful experience for me.


I saw myself flying free as an eagle through the sky above my birthplace. From this high viewpoint, I observed little me, as an adventurer in the making.


When I was young, I spent most of my time in nature: lying on the grass and observing the clouds, running through the old local forest. Swimming over cold dark lakes. I have always had a deep connection with animals and trees.


Despite my myopia, I sensed the presence of 3 lionesses before they chased a herd of buffalo in our direction. The ranger was more shocked than me that I felt that just in time to get back to the safety of the jeep, while on safari in South Africa.


I often found abandoned animals and nurtured them back to health.


Then the eagle saw me being restricted in my explorative freedom when I was locked up in a convent school, aged 12. From that time onwards, I had very little time to connect to nature as I was spending most of my hours in the school bus, classroom and doing homework.


The main energy that I carried through medical school and specialising was Mental Energy (study, understand, repeat) until this Eagle Wisdom made me realise that my soul craves to be free and connected again, the way I was born.




You can read more about my animal adventures in my book” My Surgeon Talks To Angels”



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