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Dr. Veerle Van Tricht is a highly specialized eye surgeon who has spent most of her professional life working to restore vision. However she has a vision of a different kind. Born into a cold Flemish family, Veerle knew at an early age that she had a connection with Angels and the spirit world.

This book comes at a time when many people are searching for a way to regain their power in their own wellbeing and healthcare. This book shows you that you hold the power to your own healing and that the solution is not always in scientific medicine.

She shares her own practical techniques for daily support and help. She also shares distinct methods to help you prepare for surgery in order to get the best possible outcome.


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About My Surgeon Talks to Angels Book


What You Will Find In This Book

Believe it or not, we all have intuition whether it be a sixth sense or gut feeling,  or what some call Angels.  Dr Veerle Van Tricht awakens your knowledge through her raw personal story of personal awakening.


Why Read this Book

Because Dr Veerle Van Tricht showcases her amazing personal journey of spiritual awakening with the world through the lens of her scientific Retinal Surgeon occupation.


How will this Book help me?

Whether you believe or not in why we are here as human beings or why things happen to us, you cannot go past this riveting awakening of resilience and the human spirit of being guided by the unseen.


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What People Are Saying

I truly enjoyed this amazing and heartfelt story.  It inspired me to connect more fully to my own angels.  Veerle’s journey is incredible and you really feel what she went through and how challenging and difficult it has been but also how she’s an incredibly resilient woman along with the help of her angels and her faith.  She’s highly accomplished and her story will inspire you to live life fully and with your own angelic team.

Lisa Anderson

Reader, Amazon review April 2017

About The Author

Dr Veerle Van Tricht is a much-loved specialist surgeon. She works with the medical, the magical and the mystical and has practiced in Belgium, South Africa, Australia, France and the UK.  In her 20-year career as a specialist surgeon Veerle has been guided by her Angelic helpers to heal an estimated 20,000 patients across the globe.

Sarah Bullen

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